Photogallery of Kent Lßrus Bj÷rnsson

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Page One, Iceland   

Page Two  Mixed, Canada and Iceland

Christmas 2001 Iceland

Menntaskˇla vi­ Hamrahli­, various photos from the school I work at.

My brother Shawn, Sherry and the boys. April 2002

Oldies but Goodies Added April 2002

Morgan, my niece and Afi┤s Birthday Photos

Icelandic National League Convention Minneapolis MN April 2002

April 2002, Minneapolis and Iceland

School Activities April 2002

Trip to South Iceland May 2002

Trip to the West Fjords May 2002

Sunnukˇrs┤ Trip To North America June 2002 Part 1

Part 2 of Sunnukˇr Tour June 2002

My Brother Dean and Wendy Get Married, July 20, 2002

Canada 2002, June, July and August

Gay Pride Day, Menninganˇtt and More August 2002

Vatnsnes and Kaldidalur, the highlands Sept. 2002

Rettir, Fjallabakslei­ and SnŠfellsnes Sept. 2002

Ůingvellir and Scotland Parties Hardy in Reykjavik

Canadian Club Thanksgiving 2002

INL Iceland Meeting 2002

Paris November 2002

Havana Cuba November 2002

Cuban Countryside  November 2002

People Pictures Cuba November 2002

Christmas Party at Canadian Embassy 2002

Christmas 2002, Canada and Minnesota

Nordic Trails Cultural Weekend, Feb. 14 and 15th, 2003






January, February and March 2003

April 2003, ١rsm÷rk, Palson┤s Trip, Family and School

Copenhagen Denmark (One) April 17th to 21st 2003

Copenhagen, Tivoli and more April 17th to 21st 2003

May 2003, May 1, SnŠfellness, Hofsˇs and more

June 2003, North and North East Iceland

INL Trip June 2003 USA

INL Trip June 2003 Manitoba and Minnesota

Cuba June 2003

Hideaway Outfitters (Fishing)July 2003

Canada Summer 2003

Gu­mundur and Ingibj÷rg in Canada 2003

London, England  October 2003

Canadian Club Activities 2003

INL Convention Hecla Manitoba April 2004

Cuba June 2004

Cuba July 2004

Canada and USA Summer 2004

Utah 2005

Bryce Zion and Las Vegas 2005

Moscow April 2006

Mom and Cousin Janet Circle Tour 2006

2 Circle trips around Iceland

Reykholt January 2007

Assortment 2007

Tourguides Trip to Katla 2007

Hamrahli­arkˇr (Choir) China 2007