Arms of Canada 

Canada and Iceland




Kent Lárus Björnsson



Leiđsöguskóli Íslands

November 2003


Gimli   New Iceland



Connections an Overview;





v     Vikings and European Discovery of Vinland

v     First European Settlers in North America

v     Emmigration to North America late 1800s and early 1900s

v     Establishment of “ New Iceland ”

v     Religious Disputes

v     Agriculture Based Settlements

v     Newspapers and letters written

v     Key Figures in links between Iceland and Canada


Basic Similartites and Contrasts


v     Resource Rich Countries

v     Countries settled by Immigrants, ancestry

v     Recent Immigration

v     Similar way of life, lifestyle

v     Governments

v     Health and Eldery Care

v     Education

v     Religion

v     Geography

v     Land Size

v     Climate

v     Population


Business and Commerce


v     Transportation

v     Fishing

v     Aluminum

v     Modern High Technology

v     Travel

v     Electricity






v     Newspapers

v     Writers and Poets

v     Islendingadagurinn, The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba

v     Icelandic National League of North America and Iceland

v     Western Icelanders´ Day Reykjavik

v     Vesturfarasetriđ, Hofsós

v     Icelandic Section, University of Manitoba Library

v     Year 2000 Celebrations

v     Snorri Plus Program

v     Canadian Club of Iceland



            Education and Youth


v     Dept. of Icelandic, University of Manitoba

v     University of Iceland, Courses for Foreign Students, Scholarships for Icelandic North Americans

v     Snorri Program

v     Icelandic Taught in School in Canada



            Official Connections


v     Diplomatic Relations, Embassies Opened

v     UN

v     NATO

v     Artic Council

v     Icelandic Canadian Chamber Of Commerce

v     Sister Cities





v     Free Trade

v     Islendingabók, The Book of the Icelanders

v     Travel and Exchanges





v     Brief wrap up, History, present and the future.